The X-Factor - Iron Maiden (from Beast In The Maze)

Jonathon joins Brian & Matt again on the Beast in the Maze podcast to discuss the Iron Maiden Album The X-Factor.

This episode is originally from the Beast in the Maze podcast.

"Join us as we discuss the first album of the Blaze Bayley period, "The X Factor." Arguably Iron Maiden's darkest album, this one divided fans, to say the least. In fact, many Bruce loyalists outright hate this record and its successor, "Virtual XI." We'll delve in and see if that hate is deserved, and why the album may warrant a second look. We also talk about whether the album might or might not have worked better as a side project, some of the new bass guitar sounds being explored, and one of the more awkward Iron Maiden screams.

With us again is our guest Jonathon Humphrey from New Ears and Bite of Passage, to offer an outside look at the Blaze era from someone who hasn't been forced to listen to Iron Maiden all year.

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