Yank Crime - Drive Like Jehu (w/ Matt Ivey)

In this episode, Jonathon talks about the Drive Like Jehu album Yank Crime with podcaster/guitarist/poker enthusiast Matt Ivey.

Jonathon & Matt talk about Drive Like Jehu's 2nd and final album, 1994's Yank Crime. They wonder exactly what is a yank crime, navigate the feedback and guitar layering, and discuss Iron Maiden more than one would think. You can contribute to the discussion by finding us on Twitter, Facebook or emailing us at abandonedmascotprod@gmail.com.

You can hear Matt's podcast Beast in the Maze on most podcast platforms and they can be reached at @beast_maze on Twitter, at their website www.beastinthemaze.com, and via email at mail@beastinthemaze.com.

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